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"Play is training for the unexpected." 
Marc Bekoff

At Tembusu Training and Therapy Institute, we believe that play, creativity, and spontaneity can be powerful tools in helping individuals cope and manage life. We are passionate about helping children, adolescents, and adults find their own paths towards personal growth and wholeness. Our mission is to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for our clients to explore their feelings and work towards healthier and more fulfilling lives, thriving in spite the unexpected curve balls life throws at us.



We offer training and certification in Gestalt Therapy with Children and Adolescents. Our training workshops are designed to equip mental health professionals with skills to work with children, adolescents and families.

Join us to develop your competency to work with your clients and their families. 

Birthday Celebration


We work with individuals, children, adolescents and their families through evidence-based counselling, play, creative and somatic approachers so that our clients are empowered to overcome their difficulties and thrive. 


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