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In the current everchanging world, many people are faced with unprecedented disruptions and changes and these challenges take a huge toll. At Tembusu Training and Therapy Institute, we are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment to make sense of their life experiences. In the process, find creative and optimal adjustments to cope and thrive in their circumstances.

For adults including couples

We integrate evidence-based counselling, creative and somatic approaches to a relational and client-centred framework when working with individuals and couples. By providing a nurturing environment for exploration, we help our clients find the tools and resources they need and in the process, inner peace and balance in the face of life's challenges.

For children, adolescents and families

Emotions and feelings can be complicated and bewildering. This is especially so for children and adolescents who need innovative and creative ways to make sense of their experiences. Through media such as art, sand, clay, puppets, stories, LEGO and other tools, our clients find alternative ways of discovering and understanding their inner worlds. Applying the therapeutic benefits of play and creativity, these approaches offer them a non-verbal yet powerful way of understanding, expressing and resolving their own problems. We also work closely with parents and caregivers alongside our young clients, to provide more wholistic care and support.


Some challenges our clients face:

  • Challenges arising from separation, divorce and familial conflicts

  • Mental health issues eg anxiety, school refusal, depression, learning difficulties

  • Developmental issues such as self esteem, motivation, relational difficulties, bullying, school and behavioural challenges

  • Loss through grief and loss through bereavement, family breakdown or separation

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