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​LEGO® bricks and its innovative interlocking brick system was first launched in 1949, but over the decades it grew to become a treasured part of many children’s toy collection. LEGO® is a multi-sensory tool can be used to inspire children through creative play. LEGO® when used in play therapy offers practitioners a creative and versatile tool engage one’s creative imagination to find creative solutions to difficult problems and conflicts.

About the Workshop

Like adults, children and adolescents who are hurt and traumatized need to express themselves and to make sense of their life experiences so as to function healthily in the world. Besides conventional talk therapies, they will need other therapeutic tools to supplement the words to describe and appreciate those complex feelings and experiences.
The LEGO® bricks universal appeal to both children and adolescents make them an attractive approach for use in Play Therapy. When LEGO® is used within therapeutic play settings, it offers a familiar and safe way to deepen better self awareness and work towards healing and restoration. 


This workshop is accredited with:

Who can benefit


​Practitioners working with children and adolescents in the field of mental health and helping professions (such as social work, counselling, psychology) and related fields (such childcare/student care setting, physical therapy, art therapy, or other related fields).

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