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(4-day, on-site)

Have you been working with children and adolescents and wanted to deepen your work with them? This workshop is designed to build theoretical understanding and clinical skills from the perspective of contemporary Gestalt psychotherapy. Recent research in the neurosciences, attachment theory and relational psychotherapy continue to confirm and advance the Gestalt approach.

About the Workshop

Experiential and interactive, the workshop aims to integrate theory with practice through the modalities of creative arts. The emphasis will be on individual psychotherapy and the application of Gestalt therapy principles represented in the works of Violet Oaklander, Ph.D., author of Windows to Our Children: A Gestalt Approach to Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (1989) and Hidden Treasure: A Map to the Child’s Inner Self (2007).

The workshop will examine closely factors that bring about change and growth for a child or adolescent through the therapeutic process of Gestalt Therapy and the processes of integration. Utilizing the modalities of play therapy and the integration of contemporary neurobiology and Gestalt Therapy, participants will develop in-depth understanding of the Oaklander Approach. Working in pairs or small groups, participants will have opportunities for group consultation and practice. ​

Workshop Objectives ​


At the end of the workshop, participants will learn:

  • Overview of the therapeutic process developed by Violet Oaklander.

  • Overview of key neuroscience findings that supports Gestalt principles

  • Gestalt relational perspective on child development and the nature of the self

  • Gestalt play therapy process of working with projections through creative arts



This workshop is accredited with:

Who can benefit

​Practitioners working with children and adolescents in the field of mental health and helping professions (such as social work, counselling, psychology) and related fields (such childcare/student care setting, physical therapy, art therapy, or other related fields).

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